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Stephanie Standerwick’s story is of an earnest, compassionate, joyful soul who battled back from rock bottom to discover that with Jesus we are stronger than we ever knew.

Stephanie is passionate about encouraging you to live your God-given purpose, have hope, and abide in Jesus. You can find scripture based encouragement on her YouTube channel where she released a new song-a-week for 58 weeks and has over 1 million views.

Stephanie is grateful to have a new album called "Higher Thoughts" that you can listen to now on Spotify. She is also part of a global dance music project called Gospel of Dance which earned her the title of International Gospel Artist of the Year. The Gospel of Dance is a Holland based ministry of electronic praise music. If you have an opportunity to attend a Christian Worship Conference in The Netherlands, you may find yourself seeing one of Stephanie's Gospel of Dance music videos.


Stephanie finds it fun to perform in stadiums with her friends, and also loves performing in prisons and church tours where special connections and prayer happen. Stephanie tours Canada and the USA singing concerts, festivals and private events. It's not easy to follow your personal journey. After growing through many challenges, Stephanie is grateful to have checked off her performance bucket list, as she now has performed for the Prime Minister of Canada, Toyota, Mercedes, Concord and more. She serenaded for the Sedin brothers' induction into the BC Sports Hall of Fame and judged the Karaoke World Championships. Stephanie has learned along that way that when opportunities come, the most important thing is the goodness and love that you can share - both on stage and off.

In the film and TV world, Stephanie's performances can be heard in the film soundtrack of the My Little Pony Movie, on TV shows like "The Murders" and My Little Pony, and in jingles such as "Citrus-O". Her original music has been featured on international radio stations.

Stephanie acts, models and dances - having participated in dozens of musicals, commercials, films and industry events. She loves to collaborate with other musicians and recently helped organize a new collaborative Vancouver band called "Creation Collective". Stephanie has a degree in Molecular Biology, and coaches voice privately in Vancouver, Canada. She has a new book coming soon called "Singing Lessons".

*  *  *

She first felt the presence and leading of The Holy Spirit at 18, and soon discovered that Jesus was Messiah. She felt that God was there, but didn’t really know Him or think He responded to people. Despite belief in Jesus, Stephanie followed her heart, not God’s instructions, and was eventually very depressed and alone. In the end of 2012, she asked God to take her life. Instead, The Lord Jesus began to fill her life with unquestionable miracles. She was fed by miracles, and had people giving her words from The Lord on the street in answer to her prayers.

Several years ago, after a dream that made her urgently want to go to LA, a “happen-chance” meeting allowed her to be taken by a music mogul to a “celebrity only” restaurant in a secret location where insiders began telling her that occultism and witchcraft in the music industry was real. She was skeptical, but began what would be years of research and miracles that would change the course of her music and future.

Today, Stephanie sings songs of praise to The Lord Jesus, worship and positive messages.

*  *  *


Stephanie is part of a worship team at Willingdon Church, BC Canada. In her spare time Stephanie enjoys dancing, nature, acting, photography, family, humor, and science.

Stephanie is interested in how sound frequencies and positive lyrics affect the brain and human body. She wants to inspire you to seek and trust God.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make straight your paths.

Click here to read Stephanie's personal story.

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